Have you thought about your intended use of the caravan?

Caravans are for holiday use only; they may not be used as a main residence by owners or their guests.

The main user must have their own permanent residence and be able to provide proof of this, by way of a council tax invoice (or similar), throughout the caravan ownership period.

Advice: If you have your own permanent residence and are looking for somewhere to escape to for holidays and breaks, buy a caravan… if not, don't!

Have you researched the park owners and the park?

It is important that you find out as much as you can about the park owners and the park (ie what sort of relationship do the owners have with their customers; have there been any recent problems on the park etc).

Advice: Visit the park on your own and ask the caravan owners for their opinions.

What security of tenure will you have?

Remember that you will be buying the caravan but not the pitch. The caravan will only be of use to you whilst it is sited on a licenced park with a written agreement in place which clearly states the licence period details (the length of time that it can remain on the park).

If you are not given a licence agreement, you have no security of tenure!

Advice: Ask the park owners for a copy of the Holiday Licence Agreement and check the licence period dates which are applicable to the caravan you are looking at.

Will you have the right to sell the caravan to a third party?

If you decide to sell the caravan and the park owners insist on buying it back from you, they are unlikely to offer you much above trade price.

If you are allowed to sell it to a third party, the sale proceeds you will receive will be far greater (even after deducting the park owners' commission).

Advice: Check the sales section of the Holiday Licence Agreement and make sure that you have the right to sell the caravan to a third party.

Will you be comfortable with the annual costs involved?

Once the caravan has been purchased, you will be required to pay pitch fees, caravan insurance, electricity and gas.

Advice: Ask the seller for details of the costs.


This is general advice that you should consider before you commit to purchasing a caravan, whether with us or another park operator.

If you are interested in buying a caravan on one of our parks, please read our Frequently Asked Questions and Fees & Charges pages first.

If you like what you read, complete your details on our Mailing List and, once you have done this, we we will be happy to discuss your options and answer any questions that you may have.

If you would prefer to do a bit of research before contacting us, please check out what is currently For Sale on our parks or, if you are thinking of choosing your own caravan, take a look at our Vacant Pitches.

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