St Hermans Estate Co Limited

Residential Information

Are there any restrictions on the resale of a park home?

No, there are no restrictions on the sale of a park home due either to its age or condition. A park home owner has the right to sell the home on the open market (or gift it to a family member). The site owner does not have the right to approve the buyer or family member, but they will have to meet any site rules if they want to live on the park.

What happens when a park home is resold?

The vendor's Written Statement is transferred to the purchaser. Otherwise the transaction is just like buying and selling a house, except that there is no conveyancing and therefore it is not essential to use a solicitor. Second hand park homes are usually sold through local estate agents.

How much commission do you charge on resale?

We charge a maximum of 10% on the sale price. This is normally paid directly to us by the purchaser, with the balance paid to the vendor.

What does the commission represent?

Commission is not an "estate agency" fee. It is compensation for us having to allow the right of resale of a park home and therefore preventing us from making any other use of our land.

Is the park home connected to mains services?

All park homes are connected to mains electricity, water and sewerage. Gas is supplied in bottles to most homes but a few are connected to natural gas.

Who is responsible for the pitch?

Residents are responsible for all maintenance, grass cutting and gardening on their own pitches.

We look after communal areas, verges and park boundaries.

Are pets allowed on the park?

Residents may bring pets to the park, but their guests may not. Only one dog and / or one cat is permitted in each home.

Where can I view other documents relating to residential park home ownership on St Hermans Estate?

All documents, and other useful links, are available on the residential Resources page.

What is the park like?

St Hermans Estate is situated in south Hayling and is the only residential park on Hayling Island. There is vehicular access to each pitch and a dedicated bin area. The park is within half a mile of both Mengham Village, with its various local shops and health centre, and the seafront. A general convenience store and bus stop are within easy walking distance.

What is a park home?

A park home is a detached bungalow-style home. They are usually set in a private estate and are located on plots known as 'pitches'.

Can I live in a park home all year round?

Yes. All park homes are designed to be occupied all year round and the site licence allows this.

How long can a park home remain on the park?

There is no age limit for park homes on our park.

What type of agreement would I get?

All park home owners are issued with a Written Statement, which protects them under the Mobile Homes Act 1983 (in law, park homes are known as ‘mobile homes’). It contains details of their security of tenure, rights of sale and other rules and obligations relating to their occupation of the home and pitch.

Are there any other rules or conditions?

Yes, Site Rules cover the rules of conduct and practice applicable to the occupation and use of homes and other facilities at the park.

Are there any restrictions on the ages of the residents?

Yes. To be eligible to live at St Hermans all residents must be a minimum of fifty-five years old. We do not allow children, or anyone else under that age, to live at the park under any circumstances.

Do I need a survey?

A home survey, particularly for an older park home or if you have any concerns with regard to a home's condition, can give reassurance before proceeding with the purchase. For newer homes, you should ask the seller about any warranties which apply.